Rich conversation feeds my soul 🙂 Just thought I’d share a few gems from my first meeting with Dance Ministry Technical Team today with the amazing Ate Charley Precillas:


-Be guarded in your unguarded moments
-When you have nothing to say, God will use you as his mouthpiece
-No one is strong in temptation
-The mind can only think one thing at a time
-Make every thought captive to Christ
-Dont let temptation linger
-Thin line lies between wanting your want too much above the Lord. PurposeOverPassion
-Nothing to be ashamed, be brave, be courageous.
-HE is the one behind this. Everything is from Him, through Him, by Him, to Him, and for Him.
-Plagiarism. Everyone is guilty about it. Learn to acknowledge God in everything you do.
-Can you do this?  I can’t, but God can!
-Our calling is bigger than life.
-Imagine? You are included in God’s great plan.
-Ezekiel 37:1-4
-When God is in us, we can win this!!!!!!!
-Be vigilant. In your family, school, work, open your eyes.

-You must have long term goals, to keep you frustrated from short term failures.
-In order to be equipped, dig in to God’s word. There is something in God’s word that can really change you from glory to glory. More than memorizing it, it must penetrate to your heart.
-Not just “dancing”, beyond it there is God who sets this up.
-When your fighting for something & kung may iingatan kang isang bagay, it is the presence of the Lord. And that is something that is really VALUABLE.
-What sets you apart is your PURPOSE.
-Prioritize God’s word. Let revival happen in your secret place.
-We can never say enough THANK YOU so we will live it out.

Queridos Amigos!


I am Jovilyn Leones Canapi, 1994, a Civil Engineer by profession, Artist by heart, and Christian by principle.  

These are for some thoughts and experiences I am thrilled to share with anyone but usually fails me to (Moses syndrome?). I believe it results into this. 

Some background: I carry around different notebooks, for different reasons (like one for journaling, devotionals, blocking and staging, idea nb, confession nb, budget nb, inactive nbs) just personal stuffs. Then had an urge of transfering some of my journal writings here online (since 2014). Some excerpts, stories, pursuit of my dreams, reflections, and weird stuffs that I call “Intangibles”. Could be a “Memorabilia”, Lol. I thought of continuing this intentionally,  right when my mentor asked me years ago, “If your story would be in the Bible for the next generation,  what would you be after God? What story do you want them to read about from you?” 

-A good read for your soul. 

“This avenue will endure longer than my memory.”

– JC